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  • Concrete Screws

    General Uses

    For fixing of window and door frames, timber beams, battens, wooden laths, facades, metal profiles, panels etc. into masonry.

    Suitable for concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, hollow blocks, natural stone etc.


    T30 torx drive recess to reduce driver wear and prevent camming out.

    Flat countersunk head with 5 locking ribs.

    Deep high/low thread to give high pull-out resistance and waste extraction.

    Serrated V-threads to acheive optimum insertion into all masonry types.

    Free T30 bit included in each box.

    Recommended Minimum Embedment Depth

    Concrete - min. 25mm

    Brickwork - min. 40mm

    Aircrete - min. 60mm

    Concrete Screws

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